Rod Loy shares ten times that will help you identify a leader.
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Leadership is all abut formulating vision, managing vision, and seeing that vision become reality. A leader soon discovers, though, that visions are easy to criticize. How do you deal with critics?
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Your attitude can make or break you as a leader. When it comes to attitude, the Bible sets the bar pretty high - our attitude should be the attitude of Jesus! If you have a bad attitude, how can you change?
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Many times, people want the privileges of leadership without paying the price of leadership. Everyone who has achieved great things has paid a high price. In this message, Rod Loy shares his observations about Paying the Price.
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In the life of a leader, he or she will have to deal with crises and other unexpected events. How do you handle the unexpected? Whether it's schedule, family, or ministry, how do you deal with a sudden change of plans? Your actions can reveal a lot about you!
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We all make mistakes. Even the best leaders just mess up sometimes. It's important to learn what to do when you make a mistake.
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