Randy Jumper leads a discussion with First NLR staff members about the qualities of a good follower.

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In this message, Rod Loy shares some of the top leadership lessons he's learned since he has become senior pastor.
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Rod Loy shares ten times that will help you identify a leader.
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Leadership is all abut formulating vision, managing vision, and seeing that vision become reality. A leader soon discovers, though, that visions are easy to criticize. How do you deal with critics?
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Your attitude can make or break you as a leader. When it comes to attitude, the Bible sets the bar pretty high - our attitude should be the attitude of Jesus! If you have a bad attitude, how can you change?
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Many times, people want the privileges of leadership without paying the price of leadership. Everyone who has achieved great things has paid a high price. In this message, Rod Loy shares his observations about Paying the Price.
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In the life of a leader, he or she will have to deal with crises and other unexpected events. How do you handle the unexpected? Whether it's schedule, family, or ministry, how do you deal with a sudden change of plans? Your actions can reveal a lot about you!
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We all make mistakes. Even the best leaders just mess up sometimes. It's important to learn what to do when you make a mistake.
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Pastor Steve Flores, Reta Russell and Pam Harrell deliver this talk about their experience learning about customer service from the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. What does this hotel have to teach us about communicating value to the people we encounter every day?
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Any leader will face conflict in his or her life. An effective leader knows how to properly handle conflict. In this message, Rod Loy talks about the Biblical method of conflict resolution.
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The flip side of working with insecure people is working with people that are secure. It requires a different approach. An effective leader can work with both. In this message, Rod Loy shares tips on how to work with secure people.
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Do you know somebody who has a lot of ability, but little confidence? They don't believe in themselves. You pick it up in their words, in their actions, even by the way they look. One of the biggest challenges for leaders, spouses, or parents is instilling confidence in people, so they can be what they were meant by God to be. How do you do this?
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What is it that keeps some people from being secure in relationships? It might be because they are insecure. They aren't confident in themselves. Because they lack confidence, they aren't effective at relating to and leading others. In this message, Rod Loy looks at the differences between secure and insecure leaders, and what an insecure person can do to change.
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In this message, the first in the new leadership series iLead, Rod Loy looks at the rights that leaders must give up.
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